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Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Since the first modular UPS in 2003, we are always working on more reliable UPS systems

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Electric Vehicle Charging Station

To provide a comprehensive charging solution for electric vehicles.

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Battery Energy Storage System

Relying on excellent technology to build a perfect energy storage system, make everything possible!

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The Biggest Cloud Date Center in Asia

In the face of massive data services, the stable operation of data centers requires high-quality, high-stability power support. Sicon UPS power supply system has created a new generation of green, environmentally friendly, high-efficiency and energy-saving uninterruptible power supply system for the data center of Huitian Cloud Industrial Park, helping the safe operation of the data center.

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SCU &China Potevio join hands for Public EV fast-charging Station in China

As the core EV charger supplier of China Potevio, Sicon Chat Union(SCU) has successively provided large quantities of DC fast chargers in full power ranges. For many years, both parties keeps maintaining close cooperation relationship, making full use of their respective product and R&D advantages, join together to achieve a win-win situation.

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SCU UPS, the strong power supply of Beidou 3 ground receiving system

On June 23, 2020, Xichang Satellite Launch Center announced that Beidou-3’s last global networking satellite has successfully entered orbit, marking the completion of Beidou satellite navigation system’s global coverage. Sicon customized the CMS modular UPS power supply system for the Beidou 3 ground receiving system, which provides an ideal power supply guarantee for the smooth operation of the system.

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